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Food & Bier   /   September 09, 2019

What Brew Brings Out Our Dark Side?

You know we like to keep things light at our Haus. Between the Bavarian bands filling the beer hall with live music and the stein-wielding patrons prosting from the benches, it’s an unbeatable atmosphere.


But even Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas has a dark side.


Don’t worry, the forces are good with this one. We’re talking about our Dunkel Weizen brew, otherwise known as Dark Wheat beer.


For centuries this beer has boasted an incomparable flavor profile that has pleased even the most discerning of beer lovers. Its rich brunette hue makes it beautiful on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.


This unique brew is made from a variety of special malts including Munich malt, Caramel and Röstmalz. One sip is all it takes to recognize that this is unlike any beer you’ve ever had, and you can get it at one of the best places to drink in Las Vegas.


Then there’s the way it’s made.


This popular brew is fermented similarly to light beer (which starts at 68° Fahrenheit and rises to 73.4°), but then it’s stored at 37.4° for about one week —upside down!


See, we told you it was special.


Due to the natural sedimentation, the yeast settles on the bottom of the keg. In order to redistribute the yeast the keg remains upside down until just before tapping time. The beer is then bottled unfiltered and natural for a quality and freshness you won’t find anywhere else. But don’t just take our word for it, get in here and try a stein of this seasonal favorite yourself!


This delicious drink is only available two times a year: early January and June. If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas any time soon, we suggest you keep those dates in mind!

 Hofbräu Dunkel Weizen

What’s your favorite way to bring out your own dark side? Tell us in the comments below!


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